EP 4: Sounds of Singapore

EP 4: Sounds of Singapore

Sounds of Our City Episode #4

On this episode, in the run-up to Singapore National Day, host Graham Brown catches up with an array of great guests, to discuss why Singapore is so special to them.

He starts out by speaking with Priyanka Nadkarni, Managing Director of digital marketing agency Window Seat Consulting, who shares her experiences moving to Singapore, from Melbourne, Australia, 9 years ago. She also reveals what she thinks makes the people in Singapore so willing to offer help and why it’s such a welcoming place for newcomers.

Next, Graham chats with Jonah Lee, Founder of logistic company Moovaz and restaurant chain Reedz. Jonah fondly recalls his beginnings as an entrepreneur, selling waffles at a kiosk, and how he was able to develop it into a thriving business with multiple locations. You’ll learn about the changes in mindset he underwent along the way, as well as how he was able to stay connected to the business as it grew.

Finally, Graham is joined by Hugh Mason and Wong Meng Weng, two of the founders of JFDI, and Thomas Clayton, from interior design Houzz, who look back on running collaborative work hub, Hackerspace. They discuss Singapore’s similarities with Silicon Valley and what it is about the place that attracts unconventional people from all over South East Asia and beyond.

About Sounds of Our City Podcast Host Graham D Brown

Graham D Brown is podcast host of Sounds of Our City, Pitchdeck Asia and Asia Tech Podcast. Founder of Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest Podcast Media House. He is a regular public speaker on the theme of digital transformation, podcasts and storytelling, an avid podcaster with over 500 episodes published. Notable podcast guests include Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia. Graham is passionate about helping grow the Asian podcast market. He is also author of the report: Podcasting 2020 – A Playbook for Asia which contains case studies and statistics on the growth of podcasting in the world’s largest media market. Stay up to date with the latest episodes from Sounds of Our City by joining our newsletter at the end of this post.
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